Dec 12, 2012

Fashion on a budget

As some of you may know, I'm going to New York in less than a month to celebrate New Year's Eve and because of Christmas (and my Burberry/Isabel Marant purchases) I have to cut down on the budget.
That isn't, however, something negative. I love using cheaper stores like Forever 21 to buy those fashionable items that might go out of fashion extremely quickly or that you might just not use very often.
They also make great Christmas gifts if you're sure about the girl's style.
Here's what caught my eye:

Metallic Sweater in cream/gold (can you tell I'm addicted to comfortable clothes?)

That's all on my list so far. If something else comes up I'll make sure to add it in some post before I leave, along with my beauty 'to get' list.
Stay fashionable, on a budget.


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