Nov 17, 2012

New Year's Eve Plans!

Have you peaked yet? If so, you might have realized I'm spending 2012/2013 New Year's Eve in NYC! I was there this past Summer but there's nothing like spending part of your Winter.
It has always been on my mom's bucket list, going there and just live all the excitement of the ball drop. I'm looking forward to it and as a fashion blogger the first thing I did as soon as I found out about these (amazing!) news was dive into net-a-porter and droll.
These are some of the things that caught my eye and that I'd love to have. The Ladurée macaroons, also known as the best macaroons worldwide, are a must, and the only thin I want even more than that is iceskating in the Rockefeller Center. It'll be a dream come true.
I'm gonna stop ranting about this amazing city and let you take a look down and see what made me die and go to the fashion-heaven. Oh, and sorry for the black takeover on the set. It's just that nothing can go wrong with classic black items.

1) Balmain Jacket and Leather Pants 
2) Isabel Marrant Wedge Sneakers
3) Christian Louboutin heels and iPad clutch
4) Alexander McQueen Bracelet
5) Ladurée Macaroon
6) Hermès Gloves

Nov 5, 2012

Fall Must-Haves

Fall is here, and with it comes the amazing, enchanting weather. Everything about this season is perfect, from the leaves on the ground to the perfect cold weather...
These are the must-haves for the season. I wish they'd show up in my closet as I'm posting them. Hey, we can all dream, right?
Fall Must-Haves

1: Oasis sequin sweater, $56 / Zoe karssen
2: Burberry toggle coat, $1,115 / Burberry short trench coat, $955
3: Valentino leather legging
4: Valentino black leather handbag
5: Yves Saint Laurent , $36, in the color 09
6: Alexander McQueen scarve, $340
7: Tory Burch kitten heel boots
8: OPI nail polish, in Skyfall
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